This process is broken

Process 1. Diagnosis — Broken

  • You’re in Starbucks.
  • You order your coffee.
  • They ask you your first name.
  • Reluctantly you give it (OK, I confess I always say my first name is Mr Customer).
  • The barista writes your name on the cup and passes the cup down the production line.
  • You wait.
  • Finally Barista Number 2 puts a cup down on the counter and calls out “Double espresso?”
  • And eight people say “Yeah, me!”


Process 2. Diagnosis — Broken

  • You’re in McDonalds.
  • You use the machine to place your order.
  • You pay and it spits out an order number.
  • You go and look at the screen.
  • Your order number is being prepared.
  • Now your order number is ready to collect.
  • “Quarterpounder with cheese?” calls the McDonalds worker.
  • And eight people go: “Yeah, me!”

Guys, why are you doing things?
In every organisation there are multiple processes just like this.
Show up, ask yourself questions. Make changes. Live better.


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