WPSeo — Content SEO service

£65.00 £50.00

It’s dog-eat dog out there in Search Rankings Land. But our solid service will help considerably. Fee gets four posts. For more, increase unit quantity below.



Your best blog posts could work way harder for you out in Search Land. We’ll get this done.

What we do

  • We install and configure Yoast SEO if you don’t have it
  • We’ll re-write your URLs and metas to rank better for your search terms
  • We’ll subtly edit your body content to rank better for your search terms
  • You’ll never see the join: we are copywriting experts
  • We’ll set your open graph image for social sharing, so your posts will look great on Facebook
  • We’ll work on up to four posts/pages for this fee. If you need more buy more instances of the service
  • If you have hundreds of posts, contact us for volume discounts

What we won’t do

  • We won’t stuff your pages with invisible keywords. Google sees all anyhow and penalises this stuff.
  • We won’t do any magical link building. We strongly believe organic links are the only ones that count.

What we need

  • You will need to supply admin-level login credentials for your WP installation.
  • You will also need to supply us with 2 keywords for each page and identify the image in your media library that you want to set as the one to show up on social. We can’t start until we get this, so please add them to the Order Notes field at checkout.
  • Please enter a phone number (or skype/facetime) so we can contact you.

What happens after you buy?

One of our technicians will contact you.