WPSell — eCommerce set-up service


Set up your site for online sales.



Start selling merchandise, services or downloads from your WordPress site in an instant.

What we do

  • We’ll install and configure powerful eCommerce software from WooCommerce and set you up to start listing products.
  • We’ll configure a theme to work with it.
  • We’ll install rock-hard security features to keep hackers and malware and comment spam at bay.

What we need

  • You will need to supply admin-level login credentials for your WP installation.
  • Please enter these into the “notes” box when checking out. We recommend you create a new admin user for us and delete it after we finish.
  • A phone number (or skype/facetime) where we can call you.

What happens after you buy?

One of our technicians will contact you.

In order to take payments you will need to connect your PayPal account.


  1. We connect your PayPal account. In this case we’ll need you to provide API keys for your PayPal account. We’ll walk you through how to do this.
  2. You connect your PayPal account. We can provide step-by-step instructions.

What are the deliverables?

  • Your e-commerce software will be correctly installed and your site protected from hackers.
  • Provided we get your credentials and your theme is already installed, we can usually offer a 48-hour turnaround.


“Do I need an SSL certificate?”

No. From a legal/technical standpoint you do not need a secure encrypted connection to make this service work, since by using PayPal to process transactions off-site, your website will not handle any sensitive customer data. So you can proceed.

But yes. However … all sites really do need to have an ssl cert today, to generally make the web a safer place. Google prefers secure sites and warns visitors when a site is not secure. This can damp sales considerably. Customers feel more secure when they see the green lock.

So basically yes, you should get your site certified.

Is installing an SSL certificate part of this service?

No, we offer a separate service for this, over here.

Is entering our products for us part of this service?

No, because we can’t tell in advance if you’ll need 2 or 2,000 products. So we offer a separate product entry service here.



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