If you were ethical from the outset, GDPR is already done

I’ve been highly amused at the passive-aggressive tone of some of the GDPR related comms I’ve been receiving here at Delevine Towers.

The awful Myspace wannabe Reverb Nation flounced off an ultimatum worthy of a manipulative teenager. “It’s been too long since you logged in … In fact it’s been about two years since you used any of our powerful tools. This will be your last e-mail unless you log in.” To which I reply: “Buh-bye.”

“This is your last chance to connect,” warns an airline I have never flew with, who got my e-mail address from an online ticket broker and started spamming me. Buh-bye.

Elsewhere, whole forums of net-preneurs are pulling out their hair about the implications of GDPR-compliance.

But it’s very simple.

If you ran your permission marketing and privacy ethically from the outset, GDPR is already done. And if you’re worried — you’re why it was necessary.

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