How to turn off Facebook video autoplay

When Facebook announced it would go ahead and make all videos in your timeline autoplay by default I was furious. And not just because Facebook was again happy to sacrifice user experience to woo advertisers, this time in order to create phoney video streaming stats. And not only because it would eat mobile data plans without your consent. That really irked me. But what got to me the most was the visual stress that it would create.

If you’re even 1% like me, you’ll be irritated as hell by this eye-pollution from Facebook and will want to switch it off. Here’s how:


Click on any video, click on the cogwheel icon and choose the link marked “more settings”.




A page will pop up with options for video settings. Under “Auto-play videos” choose OFF.



That’s desktop Facebook pwned. Now to recover your mobile data plan.



For mobile, open the Facebook app on your mobile device and go to App Settings > Autoplay > Never Autoplay Videos.

Congratulations, you have reclaimed Facebook. Here is a visual reward:

plain white room


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