Making “Paris is for Love” by David Rosane

Modern Folk, by David Rosane & The Zookeepers, is out today. Here’s a little backstory about its majestic closing track.

Some time last year I got an e-mail from a singer-singwriter I didn’t know, David Rosane, asking if I would consider working on one of his songs. He was making an album and hoped I would develop and arrange a song.

It turned out I knew his producer very well, so I knew it would be a good partnership. I took on the job. He sent me a file and basically asked me to Lewisify it. Here’s the song he sent:

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Delevine Media to score Ascension 4 by Rinmaru

Roman Alkan

Rinmaru: Roman Alkan

Rinmaru is a web gaming phenomenon and a one-woman force of nature. Art prodigy, games developer, entrepreneur and role model to thousands of girls, this “level-24 human female” has been quietly changing the face of online fantasy role playing with smart, funny and well-plotted games where strong women are firmly to the fore.

I say quietly, but when she announced  that the forthcoming fourth chapter of her visual novel Ascension, “Echoes in the dark” would feature my original music, her dev blog on Tumblr exploded.

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