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I make music

I’m Richard Lewis. I compose, record and license music for computer games, ads, films and performances

Abe Jimusho Ltd. Tokyo / Align Ballet Method /  Backslash / D5 Productions GmbH / En La Luna Teatro / HarperCollins Publishers New York / Harvard Business Review / Hoersch & Hennrich GbR / ImpQueen Games / La Chemise Productions / Larky Labs / Launchpad Tecnologia e Serviços / Namm / Neo-Planet / Pat Medya Istanbul / Pera Museum Istanbul / Rambuk Film IVS / Rinmaru Games / Sète Agglopole Mediterranée / Spaceward Media / Studio ROCCA Japan / University of Sunderland / Videoredaktion / The Video Design Company / Wens Travel Romania


What people say

I’ve worked with Richard on quite a number of my video game projects, and his music has without a doubt became one of the greatest aspects of my games.

Expertly using a mix of both real instruments and digital, he creates pieces out of this world!

Whether it’s an epic battle song fit for a fight between heroes and dragons, or a mellow ballad about a sailor with an insatiable wanderlust, he has it covered.

It is always a pleasure to work with him, and I’m so excited to see what he comes up with for each story and world.

Roman Alkan

Founder, Creative Director, Larky Labs

 Intelligent, heartfelt and soulful instrumentals … a first class example of eclectic chamber music, nostalgic and intimate yet too enlightened to be sentimental.

Mike Watson

Founder, Ambient Music Guide

Extreme finesse in composition.

Benjamin Dierstein


Compositions of unbearable talent.

Fred Delforge


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